It is summer here in the northern hemisphere. And time to shift energy and allow for free time and time to be bored as it will inspire creativity.

Provide opportunities for new activities, getting out of the house and off the computer- by setting up a family activity rather than limiting screen time.

In our podcast we review several articles and resources about summer activities. has an article entitled, Empowered By Mess: 6 Tools for Creative  Summer Fun!

In our effort to raise children to be helpers and change makers, we must give them the room to experiment with their curiosity. How else would they gain the courage to rely on their own ideas?

The article talks about how having unstructured time can allow for creativity and they offer 6 ways to foster this opportunity including setting up stations with supplies.

After my short story that follows, I share several other resources that we discussed in our blog with links to more information.

We were at the beach several years ago when my kids were about 3, 10 and 14.  As we floated around the lazy river, I reminded my older two kids that if we were home, they would be going to the teen co-op and would be at “team challenge class” and told the two of them to do a challenge.  I said it halfheartedly, just making a joke.  While we swam, my oldest came up with a challenge.  He declared, “I am going to try to get to the middle island without getting wet.” He then asked if he could use beach chairs and I said, “no” because  I didn’t want us to get in trouble on our first day.  It also made his challenge more of a challenge.  My daughter went across the lazy river, climbed up on the island and declared, “I did it” and he told her, “Without getting wet, you got wet”.  He formed a bridge with the tubes and she climbed across.  He was reluctant to go across. Yet, with a little encouragement, he did. They both climbed across and then back without getting wet.   Success!  

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, Charlotte on the Cheap is a great resource not only for summer but year round to find free and inexpensive activities.

The list gives more specific information about activities like:

-Free bowling all summer

-Summer Movie Program for Kids

-Places to Swim

-Imaginon: Summer Exhibit

-Summer Reading Programs

-Outdoor concerts

-Outdoor movies   & Drive-ins!

-Go boating

-Pick Berries

-Visit a garden

And she also shares her guide to NC waterfalls which I must share because most of the pictures were taken by my son. And who doesn’t love a cool waterfall in the heat of summer!

  • Pictures by Harrison 

There are also On The Cheap Sites in other cities across the US.

Another article full of ideas that I found is from entitled,

100 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids and Parents

Some of the categories of activities include: Nature Activities, Rainy Day Activities, Visiting Local Sites, Arts and Craft Activities, NIghttime Summer Family Fun, and Cooking Projects for Kids.


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