I like to listen to our recorded podcasts because I believe it helps me improve my speaking skills. It also gives me an opportunity to objectively look at not only what I say but how I say it.

I finished listening to podcast # 9 entitled, Self-care with Pen and Paper from our Self-care Series.

Beyond my first thoughts of critiquing myself and thinking about ways to not only improve my communication and speaking skills, but also to improve our podcast, I gleaned some insight into my own advice.

Writing or journaling into self-care

When I create the time and space to write, I have a powerful opportunity to step into my true self and to heal past wounds. Writing serves as a form of reflection for me. As I am writing my thoughts, I am seeing the experience in a new light and find truth, understanding and growth in the process.

Self-care is more than having a spa day or being by yourself for a few hours. Taking a few minutes each morning to step outside, to breath, to focus on one sense like the sounds you hear, can create the opportunity to step into your day with a new perspective. Finding what brings you joy is part of the process. Even if you don’t identify as a writer, you can find introspection with pen and paper.

Evening brain dump:

Have a notebook by your bed and unload all the thoughts you have swirling in your head before going to sleep. This is also an opportunity for end of day gratitude or writing your intentions for the next day.

Morning journal:

First thing in the morning, spend 5 or 15 minutes writing. It doesn’t matter what you put on that paper. You can start with, I have no idea what to write but I am going to try this writing first thing in the morning. Do this for several days or weeks and you might be surprised at what shows up on the paper.

Gratitude/ Intentions for the Day:

I like to journal after I have showered and use what I have called my Gratitude, Yea Gina! Journal. I write both things that have happened that I am grateful for and things I intend to create for my day ahead. I started this journal after I found myself ruminating at the end of the day with everything I wish I had done differently. Since that time, I shifted to an intention mindset before going off to work as an Occupational Therapist. I was amazed that the days I struggled at work were the days when I did not take the time to write. Overtime, it became a mindset shift and even on the days that I don’t take the 5 minutes to write in my journal, I find myself either looking at the journal and speaking the intention or thinking about it. The practice of regular morning writing to start my day has carried over to a new attitude as I approach my day. I am now learning the importance of continuing this habit on days when I do not head out to work.

Monday June 6, 2022

I AM grateful for :


Diving healing love is flowing through me now and for this I AM grateful. Divine healing love is flowing through me and surrounding my family in a bubble of light. Thank you God. I AM grateful for cooler weather. Days at home. Going to visit Abby.

Seeing the dogs. Abby;s awesome house. Home Peace Serenity

Calm, confidence, courageous curious confident

Diving healing love is flowing through me now and for this I AM grateful.

Cooler weather

One step at a time

Calm, courageous confidence

Center and connected.

Smooth, calm confidence at work and home.


Have a pen and paper when you are on the phone or at any time of the day and just scribble

You don’t even have to use words. You can make pictures or just different lines and marks. In the days of taking notes while talking on the phone, I would find myself making geometric shapes or simple flowers on the paper along with the message or even when I did not need to write down a message.

Variety of Media:

Write with chalk on the driveway.

Finger paint, by yourself!

Color with crayons.

Create a word from things found outside like sticks, leaves and grass.

Pick anything and try it for even a week. It might lead you to a new practice you enjoy or maybe to another activity that has nothing to do with writing yet was inspired by writing. You never know what you will discover and where it will lead you.


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