In our August 2, 2022 Podcast, Don and I talk about transitions.

When I think about transitions, the first thing that comes to mind is memories of helping my son change from one activity to another. As a young child, he had difficulty moving from what he was doing to the next task. I recall using a timer on my watch and letting him know that when it beeped, it would be time to leave or stop swinging or move to where we needed to go next. I also remember making a game out of putting toys away and this also served as a transition before bed.

Transitions also brings to mind having children in different age groups and therefore three different stages of growth. We used to participate in our local library’s summer reading program and when my youngest was first able to participate as a preschooler, I also had one in the middle school age group program and one in the teen group.

As we age, we all go through different stages of our life yet I believe it is most profound in childhood. A baby has an intense need to be taken care of, to be fed, changed and to receive love and input from his environment. A toddler is driven to explore their world and their boundaries. Over time, their world expands from their family and caregivers to their peers and the social settings of school and/or activities and groups. It is important to remember that depending on a child’s age, what is most important to them may look very different than what matters most to us. Their experience is just as valid as ours is.

So is childhood the time in our life when we make the most changes?

As I recall my self at age 23 when I first moved to NC with a new job, fresh out of college, I see how different my life looks now, 30 years later. My life as a young single woman living in an apartment and working full time at a rehabilitation hospital feels almost like an entirely different life than the one I am currently living. I am now a homeowner, and a mother of 3 birthed children including a grown son with a fiance, another child who just moved out on her own and a homeschool mom to a 13 year old. I work outside the home part time and am building a business with my husband.

I can see similarities like how I used to take walks at local parks and continue to enjoy walking in my neighborhood, at a park, along the beach, or hiking in the mountains. And also sharp contrasts including eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for dinner while sitting on my couch watching live tv or going out dancing with friends compared to following my restart diet (eating paleo), binge watching Queer Eye or Stranger Things on Netflix while I crochet blankets and washcloths.

What are your thoughts on life transitions?

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