Fleetwood Mac to the Rescue!

Finding ways to take care of ourselves can take creativity. Spending time together as a couple can be even more challenging. For Don and I, we have chosen to share parenting responsibilities and so for over 25 years we have juggled our work schedules so that one of us was home with our kids. This was great for our kids yet didn’t allow for much time together.

In the above linked podcast, we share and experience of spending time together.

Spending time away from our kids is important to grow our relationship. We need an opportunity to allow ourselves to be more than parents and to remember why we are a couple.

When life is busy with the responsibilities of parenting, we can forget what we enjoy doing and what we enjoy doing with our partner.

Just the two of us? What on earth will we do?

Remember the things you did when you first met and find ways to bring some of these interests back into your life.

Maybe you can’t attend a concert, yet you could sit outside together and listen to your favorite band.

Don and I met at a group singles night where we met at a restaurant and then went to a local club for dancing. Staying out late hasn’t been an option for us, yet we can dance in our living room.

Feed your kids an early dinner then set them up with an activity while you enjoy dinner together.

Hire a mother’s helper and just take a walk around the block together.

If you enjoy gardening, you can invite your partner to join you gardening.

Another idea is finding time for small rituals like breakfast together or a phone call over lunch. Even if you can only make time for this once a week, make it part of your schedule and commit to following through.

Parenting ourselves means both taking care of yourself as an individual and also nurturing your relationship with your partner.

Enjoy our podcast, Fleetwood Mac Shows Us How to Parent Ourselves and let us know what you think!

We would love to hear your own challenges with spending time together as well as finding time to nurture yourself. We also welcome any ideas for future podcasts.

Remember: How you speak to your children today, shapes their future.


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